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Someone (not me) just posted the following on I signed up and thought some of you might be interested. Is there anyone else besides me in the San Diego area?

San Diego really seems to be lacking in some form of organized pinball
enthusiasm, so I started a group over at so there could be
a place for people in the SD area to exchange ideas and set up meets.
It would be nice if we could set up meets at some public spots or
private collections, maybe even have tournaments. I'm open to any
suggestions and if you want to be an assistant organizer just let me

If your interested in joining just go to
and sign up. The site doesn't spam you or sell your info or anything,
it's a legit service and in fact it cost me a few dollars to create
the group.

I know there is a good group of people in the San Diego area who are
into pinball and I think it would be to the benefit of everyone if we
could become a closer knit community.


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