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When opening up a Pac-Man marquee for the first time you are met with a strange site:

You wonder if this is an original setup or did somebody hack a marquee with standard light fixtures??? assured this is the factory original setup for the Pac-Man marquee lights. I have heard many people tearing this original setup out and replacing it with a more traditional F15T8/CW 18" fluorescent tube. The main reason...."Because it runs cooler and will not damage an original marquee". With marquees becoming old and brittle this is an argument I tend to agree with. The original Sylvania 40watt incandescent bulbs run very hot and why chance a perfect Pac-Man marquee which survived since 1980 without any damage. Well....I hate changing anything from the factory unless it is absolutely necessary and after doing a little research came across these bulbs:

First, the CFL's are rated very close to the originals in terms of brightness (450 lumens vs. 405). Second, they run very cool when compared side by side to the original 40watt incandescent bulbs. Third, they run at 9watts instead of 40watts which is a benefit. Finally, the size is nearly the same as shown below keeping the bulb a safe distance from the back of the marquee:

The new CFL's are also rated to last a ridiculously long time and therefore cost a little more which may not be for everyone. But for me...preserving my mint condition marquee and not really having to worry about bulb replacement any time soon was worth the price I paid. They cost me around $12.00 for the pair from a local K-Mart. To me the marquee lights up with these new bulbs exactly as the original - take a look!:

Keep on preserving these vintage arcade treasures! Wakka-Wakka!!!
(or however you spell that?!...;-) )

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Thanks Alan. I'm not sure why, but love finding excuses to purchase CFL bulbs. I will have to snag a pair of these.
Here is what I found in mine when I removed the marquee...



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