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Arcade Parts, Service, & DIY Directory

Welcome to the parts, services, and Do It Yourself (DIY) directory. This page is a comprehensive resource for members who are looking for parts, services, and DIY guides.

Please share your suggestions in the comment area at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

Also see the Pinball Parts, Service, & DIY Directory.

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Arcade Parts, Service, & DIY Directory

Table of Contents


Arcade Information, Stats, Facts
International Center For The History Of Electronic Games
KLOV Killer List Of Video Games
Twin Galaxies High Score Record Keepers
Video Game Outsiders Podcast
Coinop Today Coin op News
Game Room Junkies RSS Podcast
Giant List Of Classic Game Programmers
International Arcade Museum
VAPS Video Arcade Preservation Society
Arcade History Database
History Time Line of Atari
SPIES The Bronze Age Arcade Game Archive
The Great Game Database
Game Room Blog formerly Game Room Magazine
Arcade Price Guide
Namco Arcade
Sega Amusement USA
Atari Museum
Computer Space Info
Starcade Episodes Take A Trip Back In TV Time Centuri Information
Arcade Cabinet Specifications Many Titles Listed
System 16 Arcade Museum
Williams Duramolds
Zaccaria Info (Classic Italian Designs)
Atari Production Numbers
Video Game Outsiders Podcast

Artwork, Marquees, Overlays, T-Molding
This Old Game
Game Stencils
Phoenix Arcade
Game On Grafix Custom Marquee sizes Available

Retro-Arcade Restoration

Arcade Art Work

Basement Arcade Grafx Coming Soon
Bezel Art Scans
Chomping Quarters True-Flat & Offset Nintendo T-molding
Arcade Art Library
Arcade Overlay's
Quarter Arcade NOS & Repo Art Work
Vector Lib Arcade Vector Graphic Files
Art Work Doctor
T-Molding For All Your T-Molding needs

Instruction Scans
EMDKAY Custom Marquee Work
Zorgs Blog Back Door Instruction Sheets Based In France
Vectorlib More Back Door Sheets From Zorg
Marquee Scan's Misc Artwork


General Arcade Parts & Repair Services
Bob Roberts - you can also build your order at
Quarter Arcade
Video Game Parts NOS Parts
Mikes Arcade
Arcade Shop
Arts Arcade Atari Lighted LED Buttons & Cones
Eldorado Games PCBs And Exchanges, Hard drives, Guns, Monitors, Power Supplies
Hi-Tech Repair Michigan
The Arcade Boneyard Lots Of Used Parts
Happ Controls
AMC Solution
The Crazy Kong Arcade
Hyperspace Arcade On-Site Repair Service
TNT Amusements Vids, Pins, Fooseball, Jukeboxes, Parts, Sales And Service
My Arcade Repair On-Site Service of NH
Competitive Products
Coin Op Express Push Buttons Galore !!
Sunmulon Lighted Switches LEDs, Indicators, LCD Display Units
Twisted Quarter
Money Machines
Ultimarc Joysticks, Push Buttons
Highway Entertainment Of Australia
Swallow Amusement Of The UK The Cherry Masters
Daves Arcade
Hard Candy Japanese "Candy" Cabinet"s
HardMVS All Things SNK, Neo Geo And MVS
Fun Company Slimline Cabinets And Parts
Coin Op Doctor On Sight Repair Serving The State Of Maryland
Pac-Man.Com Pac, Ms Pac And Galaga Parts
DSI USA Inc Nichibutsu / Nintendo Coin Doors
DIS USA Inc More Nichibutsu / Nintendo Coin Doors
Garage Arcade Various Parts For Sale. Monitor's, Repo Art etc etc
Arcade Buttons, Joysticks, Spinners Serving Inside And Outside Of The EU
Coin-Op Amusements Games & Parts For Sale Out Of Michigan
Bulb Man Floresent Bulbs and Blacklights

PCB Repair, Electronic Componets, Hard Drives
Elektron Forge Black & White Repair And Other Common Game Boards
Dick Millikan - Atari, Midway, Nintendo PCB repair Contact on KLOV
Jerry Clause - Pinball Mail-In Board Repair PCB Repair
Coin Op Doctor PCB Repair
Pin-Logic Pinball board repair And New Boards
Cine Labs Cinematronics PCB And Other Vector Repairs
Slava Madrit - Pac Man/Ms Pac Man Board Repair
Sega Repair Help
I Repair Sega  Sega PCB Repair
Arcade Services Newer PCB Repair For Midway And Atari Boards
Northern Michigan Amusements Hard Drives
Octopart A search engine for electronic parts. Eproms, Ram, Electronics Superstore
Mouser Small Electronic Parts
Digi Key More Electronic Parts
MCU Electronic Parts & Tools
Jameco Electronics Transformers, IC's
Great Plains Electronics Semiconductors, ICs. Transistors, Capacitors, Diodes, Resistors etc etc
Top Bulb Lighting Needs And Bulb Replacement
Arcade Components General PCB Repair
PCB Identification Need Help Identifing A game Board ?
Index Of PCBs More ID PCB Pics
Solvalou Arcade ROM Information
Hobby Roms ROM Chips & Programing Services
Arcade Chips
Twisty Wrist Arcade  IC Rom Circuits
Data Sheet Catalog Electronic Component Information
The Dead Battery Society Suicide Battery Concerns
Retro Clinic Suicide Battery Removal
Circuit Board Batteries
Braze Technologies PCB Repair Tips And Multigame Conversions.
GLS1 Electronics PCB Repair For Galaga, Ms Pacman, Pacman, Missile Command, Defender.
Midway 8080 Board Troubleshoot & Flowchart Repair
Ion Pool Misc Game Roms And Repair Information.
CCPU Custom IC Replacements
Hi Tech Arcade Specializing in PCB & Monitor Repair.
Wizzies Workshop Battlezone Stick Bellows, MCR Switchers, Color Screen Gels
Braze Technologies High Score Save Kits
Anit Static Bag's
Bills Classic Arcade : Space Duel To Major Havoc conversion


Monitor Parts & Service
Monitor Cap Kit Listings Reference
Arcade Cup Monitor Chassis Repair

Vector  Vector converter for raster CRT's

Zanen Electronics  Cap Kits
Monitor Manuals PDF
More Monitor Manuals
Nanao MS9-29 Schematic
Electrohome G07 Repair Contact Chris Rhoades Email Only
Chassis Identification Reference by Bob Roberts
Chassis Identification Reference
 by Jomac
CRT Cross Reference

Hawk-Eye Picture Tube CRT Picture Tube Repair Service
General Monitor Repair Flow Chart What Is Your Monitor Doing ?
Technotronic Flyback Transformers
Repair Logs Wells 4900, Hanatrex, G07 And WG7000
Arcade Repair Tips Troubleshoot Your Monitor Video
Elechtrohome G07 Monitor Repair
G07 Flow Chart
Wells Gardner K7000 Repair Flow Chart
Monitor Tube Swapping
Johns Monitor Tube Swap
Donar Tube List Small List Of Suitable Donars.
Al's Arcade Cap Kit Installation 101
ALVA Monitors New Monitors New Monitors And Chassis
HUAI Electronics New Monitors New Monitors
Casino New Monitors Kortek Monitors
Kristel New Monitors New Makvision Monitors
Neo Tec New Monitors
Niebman New Monitors
Omni Vision New Monitors
Pent New Monitors
Richardsons Electronics Replacement Black & White X Y Tubes For 19VARP4 Units. Call for Inquires
Basic CRT Monitor Information

How To & Tips
How To Solder
 by Arcade Repair Tips
How To Install Side Art
How To Check Your Classic Transformer Power Supply
How To Adjust Your Monitor Pots
How To Degauss Your Monitor
How To Discharge Your Monitor
How To Inspect Your Circuit Board (& Make Minor Repairs)
Monitor Repair Tips
How To Install A Cap Kit
How To Restore Your Control Panel Part 1 Midway Metal CP Overlay
How To Restore Your Control Panel Part 2
How To Cut & Drill Lexan For Your Control Panel
How To Check Your Fuses With A Multimeter
How To Check And Replace Your Power Supply
How To Laminate Your Arcade Cabinet
How To Replace Your Coin Door Lock
How To Adjust Your Coin Mech
How To Scan Sideart
How To Adjust Convergence Rings
How To Adjust The Horizontal Width Coil
How To Discharge A Monitor What Everyone Should Know
How To Remove Your Monitor Did You Discharge The Monitor First ???
How To Install A Cap Kit Brighten Your Monitors Colors
How To Degauss Your Monitor
How To Use a Tube Rejuvenator restore your arcade monitor's picture

Custom Cabinet Makers
DP Twiz Cabinets Custom Factory Reproduction Cabinets Based In Ohio
Arcade Resto Parts DPtwiz Cabinet Site Custom Cabinets By Game Stencils - Contact Brian Jones
Next Generation Arcades Custom Cabinets For Midway, Williams, Nintendo And Others..Contact Guy.
Arcade Shopper New & Used Cabinets For Sale

Manuals, Flyers, Literature
The Arcade Flyer Archive
Game Manual's Part 1  Early Black And White Games
Game Manual's Part 2  Common Game Manuals
ArcArc XMission Serivce Manuals
TAMDB.NET More Game Manuals
E Service Info
The Wiretap Manual Archive
Randy Fromm Monitor Service Manuals
Manuals For Sale
Arcade Repair Books & Training DVDs Repair Training And Info
Star Tech Journals Repair & Troubleshoot 1000s Of Games.
PAR Playchoice & VS Manuals
Diehard Arcade More Monitor Service Manuals
Atari Atari Documentation & Manual's

Troubleshooting Game Specifics, Repair logs & Conversions
Dip Switch Settings
Dip Switch Settings & Pinouts
ASTEROIDS Troubleshooting Encyclopedia
Donkey Kong Repair Log
Atari Power Supply Testing How To Adjust Your Atari Power Supply
Midway Power Supply Testing How To Adjust Your Midway Power Supply Types A082-90400-x000
Lawnmowermans Pac-man Website
Brent Radio Space Invaders Info
Arcade Tech Repair Logs
Arcade Game Over Ms Pac Man Problems ?
Marvin3M Sea Wolf, Space Invaders, Gun Fight Repair Help
Midway 8080 System Board Info
Atari San Fransico Rush Repair
Tempest Monitor Info
Pac Man To Ms Pac Man Conversion
Galaxian To Multigame Format
Galaxian To Pac Man Mod
Tempest Tubes Hack
Multigame Kits
Guddlers Domain Repair Logs
Arcade Repair Tips General Repair Videos
Outer World Arcade Many Different Games Discussed Here
Arcade Restoration Workshop
Basic Video Game Troubleshoot Repair Based In The UK
Nintendo VS.System Tech Tech Notes For Nintendo VS Systems
Donkey Kong Jr Help
Arcade Shop Galaga Repair
Tonys Arcade Star Castle Tube Replacement
Bills Classic Arcade Various Arcade Restorations And Technical Info
2 Coins Per Play. Com Repair Log: Frogger
Sticky Pinxs Atari ARII bullet Proof Power Supply Rebuild
Toms Pole Position Bullet Proofing
Mongo's G80 Repair Sega Star Trek Vector Mod Repair

Everything JAMMA
What Is JAMMA ? Jamma Parts For Sale
JAMMA Parts Involved
JAMMA Boards Multi Unit Fingerboards
MAME To JAMMA Conversion
Super Guns
Cps2shock Capcom JAMMA Test Rig Jamma Plus Forum In The UK
Jamma 6 in 1 Switcher Part 1
Jamma 6 in 1 Switcher Part 2

Everything MAME
What is MAME ?
Building A MAME Game 5 Part Instructional Video
Arcade Controls Parts Supply
Mame Artwork
MAME World Download MAME
Mr Salty
North Coast Custom Arcades
Arcade Paradise
Download Game ROMs
Download More Game ROMs
MAWS MAME ROM Data Information
MAME DEV Free MAME ROM Downloads
Moving Image ROM Downloads
Code Chunks Toms MAME Cabinet Project
Rom Keeper

Multigame Boards and Supplies
Excellent Arcade
Kingsley, no website, great prices, fast shipping, fast support.
Paradise Arcade Custom Lit Buttons, Multiboards, Repair, Serving Hawaii And Beyond
96-1 Multipac

Arcade Tools, Cleaning & Restoration Products
Arcade Resto Parts Coming Soon - Custom Cabinet Maker Of Ohio
Game Stencils Paint Codes For Some Games
Novus Polish Marquee & Plexi Polish
Citristrip Cabinet Paint Stripper
Greased Lightning Amazing On Side Art Cleaning And As A General All Purpose Cleaner.
Soldering Iron THE Soldering Iron Of Choice In This Hobby. A Must For Repair.
Conductive Wire Glue
Arcade Carpet Black Light Carpeting To Furnish Your Arcade Floor
Magic Eraser CP Clean Up
Joy Carpets Arcade Carpet That Can Be Ordered Through Your Local Carpet Dealer.
Wesco Appliance & Vending Handcarts

Home Arcades, Members & Hobbyist Sites
Jeff Rothe - CoinOpSpace founder.
Tranquility Base Alan173 COS Member
RGVAC Brian Jones Site COS Member
Chomping Quarters Bill Jrs Site COS Member
Vintage Video Games COS Member Vectormans Arcade Museum
Arcade-Classics Jons (Exidy) Site COS Member
Brian Hanifin Site COS Member Chris Driph's Site COS Member
The Basement Arcade Jeff Waldrons Site COS Member
Luna City Arcade Just Awsome !!!
Marvins Marvelous Mechanical Museums
Andys Arcade Vector Games
Tokens Only Chris Moores Site COS Member
The Broken Joystick
Arcade Crusade
No Cash Value COS Member
Andys-Arcade UK Based
Computer Space Fan Computer Space Info
RKs Arcade Arcade Dreams COS Member
Mikes Arcade Featuring Kens Korner
Funspot The American Classic Arcade Museum Of Weirs Beach, NH
The Great American Arcade Of New York
Jrok.comComponet Emulation And COS Member Jrok

Joey's Arcade

Johns Arcade Blkdog7

FastRmacR site


Everything EM ( Electro Magnetic Games )
Marvins Marvelous Mechanical Museum

The EM Game Price Guide

EM Arcade
EM Repair
Replacement Remington Gun Stocks
MSC Extention Springs
MSC Torsion Springs
Top Bulb All Your Bulb Needs

Ad Listings, Postings, Classifieds & Auction Services
eBay Vids & Pins
Google Arcade Groups Postings & Classifieds
Pinball Classifieds
American Eagle Auctions Michigan Auction Site
Show Time Auctions Michigan Based Auctions
Michael Angelo Auctions

Discussion Forum

Cabinet Identification Charts

Started by ======. Last reply by phillip mcfee Feb 12, 2014. 3 Replies

Here are some identification charts mostly from the most popular video arcade manufactures to help identify what you might have in case of unidentified conversions. Classic Taito…Continue

Converting TV's To Arcade Monitors

Started by ====== Jan 27, 2011. 0 Replies

Here is a handy link to convert your old tv's to arcade monitors.

GO7 Tube Swap

Started by ====== Nov 5, 2010. 0 Replies

Here is part 1 and 2 of the  GO7 Tube swap done with a MGA/Mitsubishi model #CS-1903 donor TV tube using the standard TV yoke. …Continue

Monitor Tube Swaps

Started by ======. Last reply by ====== Apr 27, 2011. 13 Replies

In this file we can discuss the operations and procedures regarding how to swap in an older TV tube to replace your screen burned or broken arcade monitor tube.

Documentation Sharing

Started by Brian Hanifin. Last reply by ====== Jan 2, 2010. 1 Reply

This topic has been created as a place for group admins to attach documents, for inclusion in the directory.

Comment Wall


You need to be a member of Arcade Parts, Service, & DIY Directory to add comments!

Comment by Aaron Bourgeois on December 1, 2014 at 5:50pm

Hey, You might want to consider adding Component Search to your references for Electronic Components.

Comment by Brian Hanifin on May 29, 2013 at 10:19pm

Unverified new PCB repair service "Broken Traces PCB Repair & More", mentioned by the Arcade Repair Tips Facebook page. He offers services such as "Acid damage repair, PCB cleaning, EPROM reburning, Retracing PCBs, Edge connector repair, Component replacement, & Much More".

Josh Culak is the name of the tech does anyone have experience with him?

Comment by Brian Hanifin on February 13, 2012 at 10:40pm
  1. Added How To Use a Tube Rejuvenator to the How To section.
  2. Added Monitor Cap Kit Listings Reference to the Monitor Repair section.
Comment by Brian Hanifin on February 9, 2012 at 2:23pm

I added a link to an electronic parts supplier search engine I just discovered called 

Comment by Brian Hanifin on January 17, 2012 at 6:06pm

Today I added a new How To Solder video (by Arcade Repair Tips) to the "How To & Tips" section, and renamed the directory to include the DIY aspect.

Comment by Michael Cunningham on April 27, 2011 at 9:27am

Thanks Bill Jr:)


To answer Shane's question:

Yes the art is typically done using original films where possible and silkscreened using traditional techniques. I dont do inkjet. In the case where films arent avaliable, the original artwork is scanned, vectorized, and then films are made for silkscreening. Thank You for adding me to your list:)


Comment by Bill Jr. on April 27, 2011 at 8:02am

Hey Shane, maybe add Chomping Quarters for Reproduction art, T-molding and Used Game Parts ...

Comment by Bill Jr. on April 27, 2011 at 7:34am

Shane, Michael has used Phoenix Arcade's original films for his multi williams art (I believe he purchased it from whomever purchased it from Darin but not 100% sure) and it has been professionally screened. 


Looks like some great stuff is coming from the wallet of Michael to benefit the community.

Comment by Michael Cunningham on April 27, 2011 at 12:50am

I just launched a new Arcade artwork repro and custom gameroom signs business.

Back to the Arcade - Repro Artwork and Custom Signage

So far we are selling Multi-williams artwork. I am adding Burgertime and Berzerk shortly. I love to get added to the directory here.


Thanks! Mike

Comment by Brian Hanifin on March 18, 2011 at 1:51pm

I just added "How To Inspect Your Circuit Board (& Make Minor Repairs)" to the How To & Repairs section. This is a great article by Arcade Repair Tips, and includes a 15 minute Youtube video. The tips in this article and video talk about the basic things you should try before sending a board out for repair (or getting deep in replacing parts yourself).


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