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About three weeks ago I was contacted by a gentleman north of Chicago.  He had two games that he was looking to sell and he provided a serial number. The combination of the games was uncommon, so I asked for some more information.

Turns out his father used to work at Bally / Midway in Franklin Park, and they bought these games right off the line and they had been sitting in their home ever since.

After seeing some photos, we were able to reach an agreement.  Chris Moore (my rockstar), was able to go and get them today.  Here are couple of photos ;)

The folks on Facebook have successfully guessed one of the games, but not the other.  Small production run, later on in the 'classic' period....any guesses?  Here is the serial tag, and a shot of the shine on the chrome inside the coin door.

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Its ashame they didnt do any better side art for Zwackery to go along with the CP and marquee. 

Beautiful arcades Jeff! Great score, I am very jealous of the Root Beer Tapper. ;)

Those are beautiful.

the root beer looks sick!


How good of a friend is Jeff ?  I'll call you something better than "rockstar".

Let's treat this like a Craig's list deal and I am on my way with cash in hand...

I already called your wife and told her I'll pay $100 more per game and that could help pay the mortgage.

Nice Score, Jeff!!


@Travis, Madaracs and Chris - Thanks.  I haven't seen either HUO game in person yet, so I have the same thoughts as you, they look amazing...

Very nice find....always cool to have those former employees of Bally contact you....?   Pays to have a website...or blog...  :)

Just started a photo album with a couple of the photos of the Root Beer Tapper and Zwackery. Enjoy.


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