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FS: Williams Jungle Lord Pinball Machine- In Michigan, New playfield rubbers, relamped, new drop target stickers, complete set of manuals, new pinballs, very little wear on this playfield, the backglass is also in very nice condition with hardly any flaking, it has been treated with sealer so it will never flake. works great, asking $900.00 OBO due to the really nice condition of this machine. Game is located in Manistee, Mi. 90 minutes north of Grand Rapids, Mi. and 60 miles south of Traverse City, Mi. Plase PM me or call 1-231-723-7322, 1-231-233-3658 if interested.

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Hey, did ya buy it from Grand Traverse Vending ? I took several of those out the box new when they came out. It was a great money maker !!! Comic book crowd loved it even though it had no tie in to any comic they just liked it. We actually put one in a Comic Book shop and it was our best earner location for that pin. Good action for its day. Not to hard yet not a wossies game either. That was a fine line a lot of pins had a problem with back then. Your price is very fair these days. Should sell easy. If your a serious pinfreak and intend to get another or a better price for this one check out the LED kits available from It's like black and white tv to color !!! They match the color of the plastic to the color of the LED !!! Plus it puts less of a load on the Driver board which always was a problem with BALLY/Williams games. Some of them around that time they sent us tech. addendums to remove several bulbs on the backbox display board. I can't remember which ones the were though.
This game was owned by a local Manistee operator when it was new, it ended up in an old building here in town for a long time along with 6 other games. I purchased them all for $25.00 a piece just before the building was torn down. This was the nicest piece. Wish deals like that came along more often. I also got a Williams World Cup Soccer, a couple EM pins, a Space Invaders, Pacman Plus, and a converted game called Exerion.
Cool score !!! One thing I seriously recommend and do for all my customers as well as to pins I restore for sale is I move the batteries off the cpu boards. I solder a red an black wire where the battery or battery mount = & - lead goes to the edge of the board and hot glue a .62 Molex male connector with female pins on the wires there . Nicads I mount in a Radio Shack project box item # 270 1801 and mount it incide the head area where theres a spot it won't ever leak acid on the boards ever. AA batteries I wire red and black wires on the back of them as though they were mounted on the board and hot glue a Molex female connector with male pins on the leads on the bottom edge and then put hot glue covering the entire back of the holder along with a cardboard or plastic piece cut the size of the holder on top of the glue. I run a red/black wires that I twist together with my cordless drill about 4' then run it along the harness to the inside left of the cashbox . OOH, pierce holes in the plastic or cardboard were the screws will go before you hot glue them on !!! On the ends of the wire I put the corresponding Molex connectors then install the batteries. You'll never have acid damage to your Boards again. This mod is critical in  Gottlieb and pretty much all pins pins unless you love buying new boards !!! One of my favorite pins is the Ms PacMan pin with the maze in the middle of the playfield. I once took one apart and got it into my 1969 MG GT hatchback model I had put air shocks and wide Dunlop Qaulifiers on so it could handle the weight and took it up to a party in West Palm Beach. Everyone loved it and I got laid !!!!

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